Analysis Of The First Robotics Team

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Have you ever been volunteered by other people to do a certain activity because they didn’t want to do it? As I like to call it being voluntold. This is something many people have experienced whether it is in a direct or indirect manner. For my experience, it was a very direct manner. I was voluntold to do the chairman’s award for my FIRST Robotics team. Being “voluntold” to do something you may not be good at is scary when you must do it all by yourself and can cause major fights. Firstly, I would like to explain what the chairman’s award for FIRST Robotics is. The way I like to explain it is professionally bragging about the team and its accomplishments. How do you provide this bragging information about the team? Through an essay, …show more content…

Let’s just say, it wasn’t a very successful start, but we had more to do. For example, the essay that nobody wanted to write. We spend about 2 weeks procrastinating and saying that we needed more footage for the video instead of working on the essay. Eventually, we got to it. When I say “we”, I mean Gavin wrote it. He was doing it against his will and I figured out soon that he wasn’t the best writer. We asked team members to read his rough draft in order to perfect the essay. I have never felt so insulted before by assumptions. Team members walked up to me and asked whether I wrote the essay or not. I bluntly told them no and that Gavin wrote it. I can vividly remember their faces as if they had seen a ghost when I asked “why?”. Their explanation was rather simple. They thought I wrote it because I am a foreigner and maybe because of the language barrier I made multiple mistakes. When I looked at the paper, the entire essay was marked red with errors and suggestions. I felt rather insulted by their assumption that a foreigner can’t write. Luckily, the suggestions and fixes to the essay helped a lot to where we had a nice paper to present. It doesn’t just end there. We still had a video and interview to do. I oversaw the video, and I had to teach Gavin and Isaac how to use the editing software for after I left. Sounds easy, right? It was not. Gavin and Isaac ended up walking

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