Analysis Of The Movie ' The Snow Queen '

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My daughter and I went to the play “The Snow Queen” at the Marquis Theater in Northville, Michigan on December 10, 2016. The Marquis Theater is a beautifully restored historic landmark. Upon entering, you are transported back to an earlier time. The lobby features the original french doors, the stained glass windows, and the old fashioned ticket booth. The theatre is a victorian design that has two aisle ways with red upholstered seats on the left, right, and middle. The theater is quaint in size but that only adds to the magical allusion that is created when you watch “The Snow Queen.”

“The Snow Queen” is produced by Chrisina Zayti who also is the technical director for the play. She is an Eastern Michigan Alumni and has been at the Marquis Theatre for quite some time. Yasmine Jaffri is the director and writer and works with Elaine Liverance who is the musical director, accompanist, and composer for the show. “The Snow Queen” has five main characters and many supporting character that are mostly children. The character of Snow Queen, the antagonist, was acted by Esther Jentzen another Eastern alumni who was making her debut on the Marquis Theatre’s stage. Gina Karkoski plays Bebe the protagonist in the story and best friends to Louie, who is played by Emilee Theofanopoulos. The last main character is Rizzle played by Joshua Garreston is a reindeer that helps Bebe on her quest to find Louie. There are three casts that perform in the play; we saw cast A.

The play “The

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