Analysis Of The Toronto Eaton Center By Ernst Cassirer

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Architecture matters, it is omnipresence; we use and encounter it on a daily basis, but most often one tends to focus on the building’s function and the way it looks. Architecture is more than mere buildings that serve its function to meet our own human needs; it has a lot more to offer. Architecture matters because it can become a symbol that represents something that has a deeper meaning as well as an “ultimate representation of a culture.” Architecture is a powerful icon because it symbolizes experience that we as a community share, which is far beyond what other forms art can offer.
Ernst Cassirer is a German philosopher who believes in the notion that man feel the need “to provide meaning to given input”. He believes that it has always …show more content…

All these social and technological advancement also changed architecture and its meaning. We have now built skyscrapers with heights that go far beyond one can imagine in the past; “like the Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt, the skyscraper is--in our own time--perhaps the ultimate symbol of cultural production.” Skyscrapers exists all over the globe and it can be seen as a symbol of technological and engineering development and our modern culture as an advanced society. The Toronto Eaton Center on my part is a building that is a representation of our modern culture; it represents urbanization and industrialization. The building houses many stores that sell various products that we purchase even though we do not need them. It is always overflowing with people that go there to shop or eat which symbolizes how our society has drastically changed. All these changes completely affected architecture because buildings such as the Eaton Centre are built purposefully to meet our demands. The major mass production that was sparked by the Industrial Revolution still exists even today. One could say that Eaton Centre symbolizes our human greed since many people nowadays are materialistic and are consumed material thing even if they do not need …show more content…

ROM to me also symbolize urbanization and our current civilization as a whole. It first opened to the public on March 19, 1914 originally having five different museums, which includes the Royal Ontario Museum for Archeology, Paleontology, Mineralogy, Zoology, and Geology. The original building was created using yellow bricks and it was designed by Toronto-based architects Darling and Pearson and it was incorporated with various architectural motifs from different cultures. In 2011, ROM announced their expansion plan called Renaissance ROM, a plan to transform the museum, which was designed by Daniel Libeskind. The project received $60 million of budget in total and it opened on the year of 2007. To me the old yellow brick building represent the old civilization and the new additional building known as the Crystal represent the current civilization. It represents how we advanced as a society in terms of scientific and technological innovations. The materials between the two buildings are very different, which again highlights the progression of our civilization over time with the evolution in technology and architecture. Architecture matters because they often symbolize something that goes beyond being just a mere object. They symbolize something that has a deeper meaning, something that is special to us. They often covey emotions

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