Analysis of the Cincom Corporate Culture

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Analysis of the Cincom Corporate Culture Introduction Cincom Systems is a privately held software company with over 700 employees, operating in 17 countries, across five product divisions. The company founder and CEO is still actively running the company, and is a former top IBM sales executive who has created a culture that is many ways resembles his former employer. The Cincom corporate culture is tightly interwoven to the core concepts of achievement and customer centric marketing and selling. Selling on value, which is a core value of IBM, also permeates the Cincom culture as well. The ability to link culture to execution is a best practice in the areas of strategic planning and execution (Deshpande, Parasuraman, 1986). The intent of this paper is to evaluate how the values and structure of Cincom define its decision making approach, and how physical, behavioral and verbal systems also affect the organization. The combining of all these factors have a significant impact on how information is collected, managed and used throughout the company. To accomplish this the following three questions will be answered: How do structure and power relationships influence decision-making within Cincom? Are teams or other kinds of inclusion a part of the process? What physical, behavioral, and verbal symbols affect the culture of Cincom, such as décor, logos, ceremonies, rituals, jokes, jargon, and stories? How does Cincom collect, manage, and use information? Section

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