Ancient Greek Civilization

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Evidence suggests that many of the Ancient civilisations were very well developed in certain aspects of their daily life, but it’s apparent that some aspects were not. Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Ancient China are all civilistations which in some ways developed advanced systems and invented many things that influence our lives. Ancient Greece developed many things like architecture and political systems, which greatly influence our lives nowadays, but there are some aspects that we had to improve such as the Olympics. The ancient Greeks developed a system of orders which were known as columns. These columns were beautiful both structurally and appearance wise. The columns were put into use by creating ancient temples. Because of religion there was always a meaning behind the design of the temple. Because the ancient Greeks developed this, it has influenced architects nowadays to design buildings based on the original structure and the many details in the building just like the Greeks. The most beautiful buildings in our era are the ones which have hints of history and respect the ancient designs. The Greeks also invented democracy which allowed people to vote for the rights of their state. This was done in order to keep the state in order. People were allowed to vote on the best person to be in charge of their state, most of the state would be happy with the decision made for their state. It has greatly impacted our lives nowadays as on the news there is commonly a

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