And My Experiences Of A Good School Experience

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I. Your first memorable good school experience;
In eighth grade, my teacher had my class choose a topic for a speech and then present it in front of the class. When it was time to give my speech, I was nervous because I disliked public speaking. I gave my speech and the teacher applauded me for my praiseworthy work. After being praised for my speech, I instantly knew that I would not be nervous to give a speech the next time in class. At that time, I can recall feeling excited to get started on my next speech. Even today, I get thrilled when I am told to give a speech in front of the class because it makes me feel as if I am the teacher. This affected me back then because it made me want to participate in a classroom activity that I normally did not enjoy doing. In the near future, I want to praise my students for their work so that they are excited to do activities in class, which is why this memory will impact me as a teacher.
J. Your first bad school experience;
When I was in high school, my government teacher showed me how not to be a teacher. He was very biased, showed that he had favorites, and would not teach the class since he was always going off topic. I saw that I was not doing well in the class and it always bothered me when he would not notice that I was struggling. I tried to approach him to let him know that I needed help in class, but he said that he could not do anything to help me. At that point in time, I felt frustrated because I was not learning the

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