Angelatic Cancer Case Summary

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Angela is a 36yo, G5 P3013, who was seen for an ultrasound evaluation and consultation for AMA. The patient is currently 36 but would be 37 at the time of her EDD. She does have a history of chronic HTN and reportedly is on labetalol 100 mg b.i.d. but in talking to her she has actually not filled the prescription yet and therefore has not started the medication. Her BP was 141/98 on her initial check and on repeat 140/92. Her urine evaluation is negative for protein. She does have asthma but is currently asymptomatic. Based on her height and weight at the start of the pregnancy, her BMI was 44. She also does smoke cigarettes at ½ pack per day. She was counseled on cessation.

Currently the patient would be 11 weeks by dates. On ultrasound

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