Animal Adopation

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Upon arriving at the animal shelter, each animal is critically evaluated for health concerns. Initially, they are taken to the veterinarian to receive an official health evaluation and up-to-date immunizations. Upon return, the each animal will be placed in quarantine for a week to ten days to ensure that it is not infected with the deadly Parvovirus, which is easily transmitted among dogs and cats. Parvovirus is a viral disease that rapidly attacks an animal’s body, usually leading to death if not recognized and treated quickly. As the director of the facility explained, it is imperative to isolate new animals. The virus can live in the surroundings for months on objects, such as food bowls, crates, and even on the concrete floors of …show more content…

The animal shelter uses Facebook on a daily basis, profiling photographs and videos of happy, healthy animals available for adoption. They also participate in the “Forever Home Fridays” news media airing monthly and sponsored by WPSD, which showcases some of the animals live on the air. All their events provide an excellent opportunity to educate the public about the importance of animal welfare and importance of their spay/neuter policies.
While volunteering my services to The Marshall County Humane Society, I noted several impressive features of the care given to these animals. First and foremost, the staff were actively engaged in the genuine love and care toward each animal. The animals were treated with respect and dignity, with thorough attention given to their care. The staff was also very educational, friendly, and active in their roles to find these animals the homes they deserved. Their hard work was displayed with having well-groomed animals and a clean, safe facility for them to live and play.
The Humane Society of Marshall County is committed to working in the community and finding loving, permanent homes for their animals. For a second year in a row, they have been selected to participate in the “Clear the Shelters” campaign, which is sponsored by WPSD. This event is a community-drive initiative working with animal shelters across the country to provide a pet adoption drive for shelter animals. This is the third year for this event,

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