Animal Experimentation Should Be Stopped

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Each year there are more than 100 million animals used for experimentation in the United States (Experiments on Animals: Overview). These animals are subjected to appalling conditions during the research period. They are locked up in cramped quarters, denied basic rights, and forced into agonizing experimentation; often times with little prevail, for the benefit of humans. Animal experimentation should be stopped because not only is it morally wrong, but also the results are typically inaccurate and it could be replaced by alternative methods.
Animals are sentient beings, therefore they should be held under the same protection from harm as humans are. Animal welfare in experimentation is regulated under guidelines such as the U.S. Animal Welfare Act; however, there are often times inconsistencies under these “protections” (Ferdowsian, Hope R., and Nancy Beck). The Animal Welfare Act allows research facilities to “exempt” from their guidelines. This allows the researchers to deprive vertebrates, including primates, from receiving food, water, socialization, etc. for an extended period of time (The Animal Welfare Act Does Not Protect Animals from Abuse in Research). Under the Nuremberg Code, Declaration of Helsinki, and the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research humans are protected from experimental research (Ferdowsian, Hope R., and Nancy Beck). Unlike the regulations that “protect” animals, humans’ rights are…
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