Animal Testing Limitations

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To start, look at the scientific limitations to using the animals in the experimenting. “Despite the fact that the scientific world continues to embrace the use of animal testing, many scientists consider this act barbaric and ruthless” (Food and Drug Administration 34). They argue that it is not as reliable to use the animals for the experimenting because it is not certain as to how the animal’s reaction will compare to the humans. Another issue is that some doses of medications for these small animals could be completely different for the humans and therefore is not beneficial and simply a waste. A prime example on how unreliable animal experiments are is a drug called Clioquinol. According to the Food and Drug administration, “This drug was declared safe in stopping or controlling diarrhea in 1970s in Japan” (Food and drug administration 37) To the surprise of those scientist who tested this drug, the Clioquinol was what was causing people to have diarrhea. The result of this was fatal to many and left others blind. Along with the previous example, the medical journal in Britain evaluated several scientific reviews concerning the influence of animal experiments in clinical research in 2004 (Food and Drug Administration 37). In many occasions, the research founded by scientist showed that some of the drugs used were dangerous. The results of their studies could later lead to a conclusion that some drugs are dangerous yet scientists are still allowing them to be used. It is

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