Animal Testing : Necessary Procedure Or Outdated Experiment?

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Animal Testing: Necessary Procedure or Outdated Experiment? Picture yourself applying your favorite make-up or taking medicine prescribed to you by your doctor, and ask yourself, how do you know its safe? Have you ever wondered what goes in to make sure that makeup or medicine isn’t lethal? A majority of making sure if things like drugs and make-up are safe is done by testing the drugs and cosmetics on different kinds of animals (Abbott 1). Animal testing once saved many lives (“Animal”, par.7) but as science progressed new methods, much like in vitro which uses human cells cultivated in a lab, were found that had the potential to replace animal testing (Abbott 1). Whether or not one is more effective than the other has been a hot topic for years, and multiple studies have been done to compare the two to each other. I believe that animal testing is a method that is no longer needed, because there are alternatives to animal testing that can achieve the same results without causing harm to animals. One of the main components that is not known well when it comes to having a discussion in animal testing is what exactly happens in animal testing and what the alternatives to animal testing are. Animal testing takes potential chemicals that industries want to introduce in cosmetics or medicine and injects them into animals to test their reactions to the chemical (Abbott 1). One example is called the draize test, which injects a needle directly into a rabbit’s eye to test the

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