Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Everybody also can not deny that humans have tried a lot of ways to improve the life’s environment for laboratory animals in order to repay and respect what laboratory animals have done for humans. For example, humans put the efforts to build the wild environment in the lab room and maintain the breed for them. Or humans just use the animals who have a short reproduction. In addition, humans also attempt to find the method which can replace animal testing. According to Hunts in Forests of Borneo Aims to Track down Natural Drugs, Philip Shenon demonstrated that not only laboratory animal but also the plants can use for experiments, but also the plants can do it too. The tree Calophyllum Lanigerum has been shown to destroy HIV without destroying the health cells in the laboratory tests(Shenon). Nevertheless, these methods which seem to replace animal testing are too new and too less. Therefore, animal testing have created the damage in animals, but it could not compare to what animals test has done for humans. Although humans can not save animals’ rights by banning animal testing, humans try reduce the pain for animals when we apply the anesthetics in animal dissection, “Mice were anesthetized with isoflurane and exposed to it intermittently during the grafting procedure”(Ahn). Humans piecemeal understand the feeling of laboratory animals, so humans will never stop finding a new method in order to create the benefit for animals and good effect for animal testing. After a

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