Ann Roe Theory: Need Approach

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Ann Roe Theory: Need Approach Ann Roe's theory is the most deterministic approach. Roe believed that the type of parenting one receives influences the career choice of child - innate tendencies and expression of needs. Career choices gratify one's needs. 1. Root of theory Ann Roe developed this theory to predict occupational selection based on individual differences. Individual are differences either by biological, sociological and psychology. This theory specifically focused on predicting occupational selection based on the psychological needs that develop from the interaction between children and their parents. 2. Key Figures Ann Roe Theory’s key figures are the parents. Ann Roe belief people choose occupation based on how they were raised. …show more content…

General Culture.People in this group tend to be interested in human activity and culture. This group includes communicating and preserving culture (the humanities). Fields included are law, ministry, history and education.Example: lawyer, editor, principals, elementary school teacher, and radio announcer. 8. Arts & Entertainment.This group includes those who perform for public or create. Areas include music, art, writing, and athletics.Example: music conductor, museum curator, music critic, interior designer, football player and stagehand. The Six Levels of Occupations Classification by level is based on the amount of responsibility and ability that is required by the occupation. Responsibility (Roe &Klos, 1972, p.206) is particularly important and refers to the difficulty and complexity of decisions along with the variety of problems that people encounter in their work. Originally, Roe developed eight levels but then condensed them into six. The Six levels are described as follows (Roe &Klos, 1972, pp.208-209):- 1. Professional and Managerial 1 Independent responsibility. This category include those who have the highest level of responsibility within a group. They may make policy decisions that affect many people through government, education, health, or private companies. Usually they have a high level of education in their

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