Annotated Bibliography: Summary And Analysis

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In my opinion, the best paper I did was the Annotated Bibliography. I feel this because I really put more time in it, in comparison to other papers. I didn’t wait to the last minute to do it and I look for reliable sources to use in it. I could organize my time and I used all the tools the professor facilitate to us in Canvas, starting from the book lectures and the examples and the presentations. Also, I used the Student Writing Center.
The Student Center is a very helpful tool, especially when you are taking online classes like us and need some advises from other person or to look into your paper for parts you can improve. Also, it help you to end your paper prior the deadline. Because you want to show your entire work so the person that
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It helps you to find a theme to write about and it shows you how helpful can be for future assignments when you are the one who determines the subject of the paper. Definitely this is one thing you should keep including in futures classes.
During all the course I felt like I had some freedom but not an entire one. This is because we need to focus on the theme of food. Although, a lot of subjects can get out of this theme I felt like we needed to focus to much in the way of eating of the person or the food in self, not in the type of movements or believes that it can create. Around food are uncountable themes you can write of, from eating problems to the decision of what to eat and what to not eat in order to defend some kind of ideal or lifestyle. Also, you can include economic issues and differences between countries always focusing in food.
The course really met my expectations, I also found it really challenging. I think this is because other professors I had during this time in Paraguay were soft with us. They didn’t teach us the same way the will do if we are in the United States. It seems like because they are in Paraguay they need to make the classes easy and not challenging. I think that all the professors here need to be exactly how they will in the States and evaluate us in the same way, so we can put more effort in what we
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