Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield

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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield focus on helping members get healthy and stay healthy. They serve you in the best way they can, each year they look closely at the medical care and programs that is best for you. They measure their quality and safety. The process of figuring out how to improve your care is called Quality Improvement programs. Anthem cares about the member’s satisfaction with their medical care, delivery of care, their doctors, health plan and service they deliver. https:\
Anthem goals are:
• All our members get quality health care service
• We understand all our members’ cultures and languages
• We work to improve the health of our members
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The type of data is created and used by tools and applications that create, manage, and use data. Technical metadata includes database systems names, table and column names and sizes, data types and allowed value, and structural information such as foreign key attributes. Alex Berson and Larry Dubov; The benefits of metadata and implementing a metadata management strategy;
Operational metadata contains information that is available in operational systems and run-time environments. It contains data file size, data and time of last load, updates, backup’s names of operational procedures and scripts.
Metadata is not bad it just misunderstood. It is essential in making a file parable, without it, we would not know where on our compute a file is stored, its filename, or other necessary information. Metadata can be found in WordPerfect, PDF, and image and video files that you create with a GPS enable device such as a smartphone. Donna Payne; Metadata: The Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood; vol. 30 No. 2.
Metadata is used by the government to know all your secrets like emails, mobile phone, Facebook, and web browsers. Metadata is a software the government uses to identify what you are doing. I don’t think it is such a bad idea for the government to track your every moment. It’s not like they are following you around on foot and spying on you. It is just a control software they use to identify certain security features people use every

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