Ants With Your Order Today

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Ants with Your Order Today, Sir? The majority of people in this country would dream of working in an ice cream shop and sweeping rainbow sprinkles off the floor everyday; I had accomplished this aspiration. I found my way into the ice cream business as a lowly sophomore and stayed there until I was a senior, three seasons. By ice cream standards, this means I am an experienced veteran and can make a perfect soft serve swirl with my eyes closed. This particular ice cream shop was filled with only girl employees and was mainly a high school position; you may be thinking my boss is a pedophile, but he’s not. As a senior, one has to show others that she is maturing and put on a leadership role to convince onlookers that she is almost at a functioning adult level. I had always loved my job, but this past summer I stepped in the leadership role in a way that I never had before; I had to confront my boss with a serious problem. Before I jump to far ahead, it is important to note that I was quickly becoming a head girl within the establishment. Many older girls were leaving, and younger girls were filling the gaps. I became accustomed to orienting new employees that my boss didn’t have time for. It was a new challenge for me and demanded all my patience, which happens to be one of my faults. The accumulation of duties were moments of obligation in themselves, yet I consider the climax of these moments to have taken place in early August of 2015. During a lull in afternoon
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