Anything and Everything Can be Conquered with the Help of God Is Illustrated in the Poem, Easter Wings by George Herbert

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Anything and everything can be conquered with the help of God. The quote, “We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Romans 8:37) helps illustrate the poem “Easter Wings” by George Herbert. The poem expresses how humans when completely indulged in mistakes, tend to repent for what they have done, hoping to get one more chance to redeem their mistakes with the help of God. In “Easter Wings”, Herbert’s emphasis on the structure of the poem, flight imagery, paradox and allusion of Adam sets forth the significance of his poem.
The structure of the poem adds important meaning to the overall message. The form of wings, symbolize Jesus’ resurrection. The lines start off as iambic pentameter, but then each line reduces by one meter …show more content…

The paradox implies that humans must fall before the flight can be accomplished. This fall helped humans come closer to God and ask for repentance.
Throughout the poem, the use of flight imagery described through alliteration and simile also describes how the poet desires to connect with God. The emphasis of flight imagery in the first stanza brings the entrance of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus, and how Jesus sacrificed his life to save humans from their sins. This time the author wants to rise with the God, “rise/ As larks, harmoniously,/ And sing this day thy victories” (8-9). This simile compares the author to singing birds, establishing a flight imagery of the scene. He wants to rise, so that he can fix his mistakes that he has committed. The author is happy that he is becoming one with God and will be able to rectify his sins that he committed.
The poem portrays the author’s wish to come out of poverty and his mistakes. He wants to come closer to god. Today, when people commit sins or mistakes, they go to Church, Mosque, or Temple to ask for forgiveness. They repent for the mistakes they made with the help of God. The idea of this poem is to establish the point that if people are need

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