Aphorism In Human Resource Management

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Some aphorisms make a profound impact on our entity and in my context, the idiom that I’ve been inspired by is, “He who is ashamed to ask is ashamed of learning”. I’ve always been an inquisitive boy intending to learn something new with a vision to transmute society for I believe that life is a continuous learning process. In a quickly changing world, greater freedom to learn and to try new innovative things inspires and challenges people to set clear goals and values. Since my childhood, I’d always be enthusiastic to learn with a great conflagration, either it be from my family members or from outsiders. My inclination towards learning has been greatly inspired by my grandfather. I still remember our small ice-cream factory named after our family name “Sitaula’s Ice-cream” which was pretty famous in the town. However, the factory closed as a result of a lack of human resource management. But with passing years, my family realized that they were not the only one challenged by human resource management issues. In a developing country like ours, human resource management has only been an academic affair but lacked implementation. Hence, I have a set a limpid goal of…show more content…
I had the responsibilities to monitor the sales operations, doing market research, and lead the personnel management. Working for one and half year in the company, I realized that above all the operations, I need to develop right set of knowledge, skills and relevant work experience from proven practices from around the world to better address the human resource challenges of the organization. I aspire to pursue a one-year post-graduate course in Canada at Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology, as my endeavour to become a true citizen of my country to be able to tackle many such
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