Apple : A Unique Luxurious Metal, 18 Karate Solid Gold

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Apple Watch Edition

Apple want to appeal to a wide range of personal styles. So with apple watch edition apple is working with a unique luxurious metal, 18 karate solid gold. Apple is using both yellow and rose gold. Each is a custom alloy designed not to be only beautiful, but twice as hard as standard gold. It begins at the molecular level where precise adjustments in the amount of silver, copper, and palladium in the alloy resulting very specific cues of yellow and rose gold. Next, apple use a new harping process developed by a myteliguist to strengthen a metal that is naturally very soft. The molten gold is cast not into the shape of the watch, but into solid engaurds. These engaurds are precisely milled to remove any perfection, then
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After being meticulously formed each case is machined, buffed, and then textured with microscopic zirconium beads to achieve a consistent satin finish. Finally, anodizing creates a hard clear outer layer that helps protect against dings and scratches. Apple believe this antimanium aloe sets a new standard both in the way of performs and the way it looks.
Innervation in every interaction
Welcome to Apple watch it is apples most personal device yet because it is the first one you actually wear. It works seamless with your IPhone, but it is a whole new kind of experience. To make the best use of its size it has some most amazing new interactions and technology, they make apple watch simply easy to use when you are on the move and since it is right there on your wrist it is ideal for brief interactions. It let you quickly do things that you are used to doing on your phone, but in a more convenient a less intrusive way. It can easy do other things that was simply not possible with your other phone. Like give you a discreet tap when you receive a notification. Our monitor your heart rate, to tell you more we created a series of guided tours. In this one we will give you an introduction to apple watch. To activate your watch you don’t even have to touch it, just raise your wrist and it wakes up, that’s it. To turn off the display simply lower your wrist. Your experience with the apple watch starts with the watch face. You can customize
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