Apple Inc. : Corporate Innovative Genius

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Apple Inc.: Corporate Innovative Genius Brenda Maldonado Organizational Behavior MGT 231 Robert Freeborough May 1st, 2016 Apple Inc.: Corporate Innovative Genius Apple Inc. (Apple) was incorporated on April 1, 1976, by two college dropouts Steve Jobs, and Steve Wosniak, and Ronald Wayne. During the time when Wozniak had built boxes that allowed them to make free long-distance phone calls and were able to sell over 100 units. Wayne much older than Jobs and Wosniak had money, business knowledge, and concept. Although, rarely mentioned in affiliation with Apple, Wayne was as involved as both Jobs and Wozniak. In fact, Jobs liked Wayne’s knack for disentangling quarrels. Jobs offered Wayne 10% of the company stock to serve as the determining vote in the event that Jobs and Wosniak ever had a conflict. Wayne accepted but changed his mind 12 days later and sold for a couple hundred dollars a holding that would be worth more than $62 billion today. Wayne was accredited with designing the company 's first logo, wrote the Apple 1 computer user 's manual and drafted the company 's original partnership agreement. Wayne leaves the partnership in June 1976. As stated in the Washington Post; ‘he continued to assist them with the logo and the cabinet design and various other things, because I wanted to help in any way I could before he and Apple parted ways.’ [Washington Post, 2016] Wayne is also responsible for the creation of the iPhone, iPad or iMac. Wozniak began

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