Apple, Inc. Economic Analysis Essay

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Apple, Inc. Economic Analysis Daniele Ligons Southern Weseleyan University Table of Contents apple, inc. history 3 Microeconomic factors 4 macroeconomic factors 4 supply and demand 5 competitors 7 Apple, Inc.’s Future 8 recommendations 10 summary 10 References 12 Apple, Inc. History In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers, Inc. The young founders did not finish college and had a vision of making computers smaller and easier to use. Initially, they began their company inside of a garage, selling computers to those who may be interested. They were excited to see a jump in interest after they introduced the use of color graphics in the Apple II. During this time the company decided to go public, after sales had reached $117 million. Jobs also helped create desktop publishing by partnering with Adobe. Although things were going well, Jobs became the sole owner, as his partner, Wozniak was no longer interested and decided to find work elsewhere. According to research by Richardson and Terrell, Jobs filled the opening with an employee from Pepsi Cola, however, it did not work out, causing Jobs to leave his own company and found a new one. During this time he made an investment by purchasing Pixar, a popular movie animation company. Apple continued to thrive through its changes, and managed to stay among the top businesses in the tech field. Many firms wanted to further their success by working with Apple. Bill Gates, founder of

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