Apple Inc. Essay

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Apple Inc.

I am going to start off by going into a little bit of history about apple and how it has grown over the past 10 years or so, I am also going to talk about some new products from Apple such as Apple TV and the iphone, as well as the name change, and the new direction they have chosen to take with their marketing and what it has helped them accomplish over the past couple of years.
Apple Inc. has come a long way from what it used to be. The computer market has always been a PC based system being mainly pushed by the Microsoft software platform. Apple Computers has been struggling to make it in the computer market for a long time, going up against their competitor Microsoft who had a monopoly on the market. Microsoft had such
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This was just the start for Apple’s new ideas and goals to penetrate the consumer market.
All throughout the early 21st century the iPod has been the sought after mp3 product. Everybody had to have one, and if you did, you were pretty cool. In 2004 Apple joined up with U2 to help promote their new 20 gig ipod release. This was a great example of apple’s new marketing plan, going for the entertainment and media side of the market.
Another side of Apple that really made the music industry happy was then they started to sell songs on itunes for $1 a song. Music Pirating was a huge issue throughout the early 21st century and Apple was on the for front of helping fix that. In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone and Apple TV, two revolutionary products that is changing Television as well as the cell phone market as we know it.
Apple TV is setting a new standard for the viewing of media, it gives the consumer the capability to wirelessly connect their computer to their television to stream virtually any video, song or website on the internet through their TV. This is the new are of wave of media technology allowing people to watch whatever they want whenever they want without any regular scheduled programming. This is also a major bonus for television marketers since they are able to tell exactly how many views each show or video is being watched.
Onto the iPhone. When the iphone hit the market it was a must have item. Everybody wanted one!
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