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Please divide Apple 's history into periods and trace the changes in business models that took place over these periods. Apple history is explained in the case history from 1972 – 2006. Apples history is described below, reflecting on the changes in Business Model (how the company generated revenue). The Beginning years, 1976 – 1985: Apple was founded in 1976 and they built a computer circuit board named the Apple I. Within span of 4 years they went to IPO with the help of Venture capitalist Markkula, Jr. Its original business model was based on selling a computer that could be used straight out of the box with a closed platform. In 1981 IBM introduced a Microsoft 's DOS operating system and it’s an open system and easily cloned,…show more content…
When Steve Jobs re-joined the company in 1996, that mission evolved beyond personal computing into products like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Apple is positioned well for the future, and it 's not a company that 's willing to settle for current success. Unafraid of cannibalization, the company continues to churn out iPhones that make the iPod look like a hobby, as well as the iPad Mini that unashamedly steals market share from its big brother. Notoriously secret, the company reveals little about the product pipeline, but it’s believed that Steve Jobs has left a product roadmap for more than a decade. How do other theories of strategy such as capability theory fit with this story? Apple was unable to maintain any strategy over this period since every CEO inconsistently changed the business model and strategy of Apple. Apple’s most important resources and capabilities are Steve Jobs, and the integrated system of hardware and software that the firm has developed and successfully marketed to derive value. Steve brought Apple back to tremendous success following a decline in relevance and heads the continued creation of billions of dollars of value. While Apple’s designers, programmers, and engineers each represent key resources, the ability of the firm to exploit their abilities to create their entire software/hardware ecosystem is the firm’s key capability. Apple Stores – Retail Locations The introduction of Apple stores has provided the company with an
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