Applicant Tracking System : Applicant Identification System

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GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY Applicant Tracking System Anupama Rajagopal GGU 8/11/2014 Introduction To understand the hiring process it is important to understand all the technology being used by job boards and hiring companies. Most people incorrectly assume people are still reading resumes. Just a few years ago, about 70% of the hiring companies were using applicant-tracking system to manage applicants. Now almost all companies and job boards like monster, career builder and indeed are using resume filter technology and applicant tracking systems. The proliferation of this technology has been driven by the volume of applications for each job and the need to search for applicants based on specific criteria for each job. Even if a candidate networks his way into the company, his resume will be put into a applicant tracking system. This is because equal opportunities employment laws, which are, and other unfair hiring practices govern companies. In most companies hiring managers are no longer allowed to accept resumes through e-mails or physical resumes without it first being submitted to the applicant tracking software. Therefore referrals, social media and LinkedIn all are subjected to applicant tracking system What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Technology has infiltrated in all sectors of businesses, and recruitment commerce is not an exemption. It is no shock that the predictable primary source of modernization in Human Resources has also influenced the
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