Writing A Process Essay

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Imagine this: you’re a young student at your local community college, and you’re partaking in an English course to gain credits. You’re sitting in the classroom, and the professor begins to assign an essay. The entire class lets out a groan that could be heard from miles away, however this doesn’t phase your professor. The essay is assigned: a process essay. Now what? What is a process essay? How do you go about writing one? How do you get the A you so desperately need? This paper will discuss everything one needs to know in order to write the perfect process essay such as the definition of a process essay, how to construct it, and how to use proper transitions to make the essay flow. To begin, one must know the definition of a process essay. A process essay can be classified into either of two categories depending on its purpose. The first is an essay explaining how to do something, while the latter explains how something works. When writing an essay that is telling the reader how to do something, the reader should be able to follow directions that are spelled out in the essay; however, when writing an essay that is explaining how something works, the goal is to inform the reader. The reader will not be conducting the process in the essay, but they will understand the process of the way the subject works when they have finished reading. Now that the definition of a process essay has been explained, and the type of essay to be written has been chosen, it is time to put

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