Application Of Change Management At The Workplace

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The restaurant has undergone several staff changes during the last year and appears to have a turnover of staff issue mainly with the chef and waitress positions. The manager and assistant manager both know that this is causing a negative impact on the whole team and the operational side of the organisation has shown signs of not reaching the necessary standards set for satisfactory customer service. In the current team only the manager and assistant manager has been employed there longer than twelve months.
During the last year the manager decided to install new handheld wireless ordering devices to process customers’ orders. Throughout the same period there has also been the introduction of an evening delivery service and this …show more content…

These are awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement. (22) Kotter (1995) model is considered to be a leading model of change with 8-Steps for effective change. In more recent times (24) Fisher (2012) created a personal transition curve and (25) Covey (1989) had an earlier model the seven habits that empower you to make decisions and take action rather than responding to occurrences around you.
There are other scholars (26) Skinner (1974) who supposed that all conduct is learned and you needed to adjust the conditions that causes it. More scholars developed theories that focused around group level and not individuals (27) Bernstein (1968) and (28) Cummings and Huse (1989). The group theory is important because this restaurant has a group of employees that must all concentrate on prompting and altering the group’s customs, values and roles.
It was decided to concentrate on two change models that are more pertinent to resolving the organisational behaviour issues, (21) Lewin’s (1947) theory and (22) Kotter’s (1995) 8 Step Change Model.
In this restaurant an effective change management plan would impact upon the organisation and give them several advantages:
• embracing change can expand employees opportunities for training
• being flexible could create an environment where employers and employees can look at work and personal wishes in a composed approach
• it

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