Application Of Multimedia Data Mining

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Few of the major application areas of Multimedia Data Mining are: Customer Insight: Customer Insight includes gathering and summarizing the information about all the customers’ opinions about products or services, customer complaints if any, customer preferences and also the level of customers’ satisfaction towards the products or services. Major companies have help desks or call center setup so that the customers can reach out to them. These calls are internally recorded and monitored for quality assurance purposes. Say suppose the call doesn’t get connected, the customer may leave a voice message and the company would then revert back when it gets notified. All the conversation between the customer and the sales representatives are recorded with the help of which these goals can be possible achieved. Topic Detection: From the speech of the recordings from individual speakers, we extract the turns and they are transcribed into text and keywords or buzzwords are extracted. These words help in detecting the topics and estimate the duration of time spent on each topic. This information is taken on a day to day basis, aggregated and at the end it gives the overview of all the hot topics which allows the management to plan the future training by taking into account the topics discussed. Resource Assignment: Call Centers usually have a high turn around rate of employees but among them only few of them are highly experienced operators, who are considered as a valuable resource. In
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