Application Of Planning Approval And Building Permit

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Since the proposal is required to apply for a change of use on land, from dwelling to a food and entertainment area, the Local Council of the City of Cockburn needs to grant a planning approval and building permit is to be issued before any use and construction work are to commence. The proposal of a dwelling area to be redeveloped as a new tavern or restaurant with an outdoor entertainment area requires being in the correct zone to avoid being deemed of refusal by the Council. According to the Town Planning Scheme No. 3 (TPS 3) of the City of Cockburn (City of Cockburn 2014), the permitted zones found on the Scheme map are to be in the Regional Centre, District Centre, and Light and Service Centre.

Planning Approval Process

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The MRS Form 1 is a request form to start development for the Local Council to evaluate and inspect the proposed development.

Additionally, a copy of Certificate of Title with Diagram and Strata Plans are also to be submitted with the approval form. These could be acquired through the Landgate website of the Government of Western Australia ( The Certificate of Title distinguishes the property ownership, survey plans, and any notices and warnings against the title (West Australian Land Information Authority 2015). A Strata Plan covers the sketches of the building, lot sizes, title details, unit entitlement and common property, and any notices and warnings over the property (West Australian Land Information Authority 2015). It would be easiest to order online through the Landgate website with a cost of $24 for both (West Australian Land Information Authority 2015). The only details needed to order are: the street address, lot number, or title number, a debit or credit card, and an email address (West Australian Land Information Authority 2015).

Another requirement is a full written account, which includes a detailed development of the proposed development of the building, a justification of the change of use on the building, and a compliance agreement with the City of Cockburn TPS 3, Residential Design Codes,

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