Application Software Products Do Not Control How The System Works

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Application Software
Application software products do not control how the system works. They are designed to provide a service or a function to satisfy common and specific needs across industries. They allow computers perform daily tasks such as word processing, emailing, searching on the Web, etc.; and can be classified as: horizontal-market aplication software and vertical-market application software.

Application software can be both, one program alone such as WordPerfect to edit and create documets or a group of programs, also called as software package, which are in connection which each other to perform assigned tasks. Microsoft Office. is an example of a package software.

Some Characteristics of application software include:

Design is not too complicated.
User friendly.
Easy to understand and use.
More interactive.
Horizontal-Market Software

Also known as "productivity software," is used in not only one but many industries. It is generalized and does not provide specific features for specific industries. These programs can be used by either businesses, students or others to perform the same functions and activities. Examples of horizontal market software include spreadsheet applications, web browsers, and word processors, among others.
Spreadsheet Applications

Spreadsheet applications are computer programs that provide you with the tools to create and edit electronic spreadsheets. Spreadsheet applications are usually comprised by many sells where values are

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