Application of Leadership Traits to Toyota and Nhsa

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Running head: Assignment 1: Leadership Styles of NHTSA and Toyota Recalls Leadership Styles of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Toyota Recalls By Michele L. Ennis, MS February 2010 Abstract The purpose of this research is to apply theoretical approaches of leadership styles and skills to the recent events of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Toyota automobile recall. Following a thorough examination of the issues involved in both events, the application of Blake and Mouton (1964) theory to the leadership styles will be separately applied to the NHTSA and Toyota cases in order to…show more content…
Toyota and Lexus customers who had experienced the vehicle problems (some resulting in fatal vehicle accidents) petitioned the NHTSA on multiple occasions to conduct analyses of automobiles. Some petitions were denied by NHTSA. Others opened small investigations that alleged “safety-related defect does not exist” by both Toyota and NHTSA. In 2006 the agency claimed that they “examined over 1172 owner complaints in a population of 7 million vehicles and could find no trend” that lead to defects in selected automobiles (, 2010, p. 3). NHTSA continued to close complaints and deny customer petitions without further investigation beyond Toyota’s inconsistent responses to NHTSA’s investigations and the vehicle fixes that were communicated through the mass media (, 2010). Toyota continued to respond to NHTSA’s investigations with no evidence of defect or communicated a solution to each vehicle problem as separate and isolated issues. Meanwhile, NHTSA continued to conclude that, “a defect trend has not been identified at this time and further use of agency resources does not appear warranted” (, 2010, p.3). In 2004 NHTSA stated that “the agency will take further action if warranted by the

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