Applied Business Research and Statistics

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a) A company is interested in providing a new benefit to its employees to encourage them to utilize public transportation. To study the potential of providing this benefit, the company would like to do a survey of the workers at a company to gather information on why do or do not use public transportation for commuting to work. The company is about 25,000 people in areas where public transportation is available. You also want to find out the reasons why their choice is what it is. In this case self-administered questionnaire would be most appropriate because there is 25,000 people to be surveyed and could be administered to the workers through work email or online. The advantage of self-administered questionnaire in this case is that…show more content…
That method will allow better access to the grocery store companies that are scattered all over the US and that reduces the costs of the survey and are immediate and efficient, because responses are obtained faster than for example in mail survey or if the interviewer would have to travel to different grocery stores trying to gather data. Telephone survey can also be more effective in this case because qualitative data is being collected and there is need for in-depth insight and telephone survey allows for interaction between interviewer and respondent, while controlling timeframe and sample quotas on a randomized basis. The disadvantage of this method is that the interviewer looses some of the respondent’s non-verbal cures such as body language and facial expression that would be picked up in a face-to-face interview. But in this case telephone survey is more cost-beneficial, because the grocery stores are spread out over the US and it would take too much time and it would b to expensive to gather data in face-to-face, personal interviews. d) A survey of Chief Operating Officers of the Fortune 500 corporations to learn their predictions about new jobs and loss of jobs in their corporations. In this case personal interview would be best option because it is a two-way conversation between participant and the person that is trained to conduct the interview. This type of survey in this case will give in-depth
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