Are Codes For A Fantasy Sport Player 's Account Of Exchange For Signing Up?

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make an attempt to include promo codes in radio and TV spots. He suggested that we “utilize codes to put money into a fantasy sport player’s account in exchange for signing up”. We intend to make use of this strategy; it will not only help with onboarding, but also allow our company to gauge which ads are most effective.
Description: These fans follows sports out of tradition and feels it is important to follow hometown teams. This group is our oldest segment (45+) with the highest levels of income, accounting for 33% of our target market and our ad budget. The majority of our business-financial oriented consumers are included in this segment. Distinctifans see their support of their favorite teams as part of their personal
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Other elements listed as important to players are whether the site was recommended by someone the player knows/trusts, what kind of prizes are being offered, and whether the site has a large number of leagues .
Supplier Power:
The bargaining power of suppliers in the Fantasy Sports Industry should be considered medium to low. It would be difficult for any one company to drive up the prices because the businesses are not competing on price, but are competing based upon sites ease of use and complementary of products, such as sports news and analysis. Sites are able to charge for additional services such as complementary products and may be able to compete somewhat on these price points.
Threat of New Entrants:
The threat of new entrants is extremely high and not likely to change any time soon. The tools that are necessary to run a fantasy site have not changed very much in the past few years. Similarly, although, issues are being raised regarding whether antitrust laws are in question due to Disney/ESPN’s recent acquisition, Fantasy Sports regulation has been lax and investment necessary to start online businesses of this nature is relatively low.
Threat of Substitutes:
As mentioned above, the tools that are necessary to run a fantasy site have not changed very much in the past few years and are not anticipated to change in the near future; however, methods for accessing the sites are becoming more
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