Are You Smarter Experience

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In fifth grade I have used my knowledge. I participated in Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, Math Masters, and the science fair. I felt very smart in fifth grade. First, I had taken a test for being accepted into Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. When we had got there, I finally got to participate. There was an intense math question. In the end, we got through it. The celebrity couldn’t answer the last question. We decided to save. I shouted out, “HYPERBOLE!” We had finally won. Next was Math Masters. We prepared for it a lot. Finally, the day had come. First came the timed tests. I wasn’t the best at those. Then were the individual rounds. I was sure I was good at those. After that was the team round. We all did great together. Awards were then given out. I had gotten first place in the individual round! To celebrate, we went to Pizza Ranch. …show more content…

I had got to go to regionals for my project on sorting algorithms. At regionals, I got second place in the engineering section. After we had finished getting our things, we explored the science building nearby for a bit. I have learned many things and have used them a lot this year. I have participated in lots of math and science competitions. That’s why knowing is half the

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