Arepa is a National Food of Venezuela

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The arepa is one of the national foods in Venezuela. The arepa is known worldwide because of its great taste, and healthiness. It is mainly it in Venezuela and Colombia bout over the years it have got more popularities over Latin Americans countries. Is this country they have something similar like the Arepa, in Mexico they have the Gordita, In El Salvador they have the pupusa, I had the privilege to go to El Salvador almost a year ago and I can tell you is delicious and great. And normal Arepas can be found in Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canary Island and other countries around The Americas and all over the world. The arepa is like a flatbread that is made of ground maize and is cooked in the pan. The arepa is the main breakfast that all Venezuelan eat daily, if you ask any Person Born in Venezuela they can tell you that they eat at least 1 Arepa every 3 days, it can be eating in breakfast, lunch, dinner because it have so much nutrients and minerals that are going to help you be strong will the day goes on and the taste is so go that everyone love It. The name of Arepa came from the word Arepa, this word in Venezuelan and Colombia langue “native language” means corn. The Timoto- Cuicas where the one how started this awesome plate, it was originated a lot of time ago, hundred of years. Other groups that also created and eat this type of food where the native Arawak, this where the first group that encountered long time ago with Christopher Columbus when he

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