Argument Essay On Problems With Homework

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Issues with homework What are your thoughts about homework? Do you think that it really helps you or do you think that it is bad for you? Imagine a world without homework. Some people may argue that homework is great as it really helps you understand the material and get better grades, however, some disagree and say that homework is bad for oneself and creates many health and life problems. Homework should not exist as it creates too many problems with one’s health and life, and would be much better if kids in school did not have to do homework. The majority of students absolutely hate homework and life would be so much better without it. Stress and high blood pressure, less time for interests, doing work on top of going to school, and…show more content…
It’s a little bit outrageous. As a student-athlete, playing a high level of soccer (both with the school and academy), I need time to be fully committed to not only school but also soccer, which I love. Especially as kids, we all want to have fun and enjoy our young years because as we get older, our lives will only become busier and more hectic, and we’ll have less time for having fun. Moreover, doing more work after going to school for more than 6 hours is quite tiring and hectic. Kids want to be able to relax a little bit and do their own thing after a long day of school, and not have to worry about work. Most parents go to work during the day, and get to come home after a long day not having to do any more work and also relax on the weekends. Kids should also be entitled to the same thing and be free to do whatever they desire after school and during the weekend. Students are already learning throughout the whole day and working their brains, for approximately 6 hours, and need to rest their brains, as it is very important to do so. As Manfred Kets De Vries said said, “By giving the brain downtime we can improve mental health and allow ideas to incubate” (The Importance of Doing Nothing). This is very true but many people don't seem to realize the importance. Finally,

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