Art Flourishes In Art

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1. Under what conditions does art flourish in a civilization? Or decline? Art flourishes in a civilization when people communicate complicated ideas and emotions used to create pieces. Art changes with society. In Egyptian times, they built pyramids that were like monuments and had their own artistic style that was represented by hieroglyphics and human figures made of stone. This was the Egyptians mark in time. In our modern-day society, we have buildings, paintings, and statues that all represent the present. Things like politics or natural disasters happening to us currently can help art flourish with expression towards these things. We have political cartoons being created to show the outrage within the political world. There are pieces that make history and remind us of something devastating like a hurricane or earthquake that destroyed cities and took lives. I think art flourishes in both devastating and uplifting times. 2. Is it important to know why artists created works? Learning why artists created works is important because it can communicate different ideas and emotions that we ourselves may not have understood before learning about a piece of art. Usually we first interpret art ourselves until studying up on what the piece means to the creator. No one really knows the exact thoughts and ideas an artist was thinking while creating a piece of artwork, so learning about different pieces gives people a better understanding of what the art really means and why it

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