Art Reflection

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When I had first passed my TSI test that I needed in order to get college classes, I was pretty excited to find out that I was taking art appreciation. At first it was nothing like I had expected, I thought it was just another class. We learn about famous paintings that are very popular in the modern times, stuff dating back a really long time.
When he told us that we were going to build an art cafe in the library, I was pretty pumped because I love coffee and I thought it was going to be pretty fun to build our own cafe, but i thought to myself how is this going to happen? The library was a pretty small space and I was curious to see where this would go. First, he told us to take out certain pieces of furniture and remove some tables and chairs, or to push them back. I kind of felt like “Aw man, we have to move a bunch of stuff, this is going to be pretty boring.” I had taken out several chairs and tables, all around me things were getting taken out and it was all slowly happening. This process had taken only about 2-3 class periods, I was so glad when I found out it was finally over. During our lecture before we would head over there for our next step, he would talk about importance of color, line, perspective, and the usage of light. I had never knew the little things had mattered, but it did.
Next, he had asked me to paint the wall, which was to cover up the chipping white paint that was starting to look out of place. It was with this really huge paint roller and I

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