Article Analysis : Software Failure

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Article Analysis Software Failure Is Organizational Failure Naresh Kumar, Kritee Sadeque Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering Concordia University Montreal, Canada {na_kumar, k_sadequ} Abstract—This documents highlights in a software project along with software developers, other team members also and due to their incompetence software project can fail to be implemented. Developers should be given the time to participate in different activities within the organization as well as outside the organization to expand their horizon of knowledge and combined task and responsibilities. Keywords- Software failure, Organizational failure, Team Responsibilities, Project Management, Software Developers, Benefits V. INTRODUCTION Developing software systems is an expensive, and often a difficult process as software development projects are affected by a series of problems, such as poor management, cost and schedule overruns, poor quality software and under-motivated developers [1], [3]. Boehm suggested in 1991 that realistic schedule and budgets together with a continuing steam of changes in requirements are high risk factors for software development projects [2]. Software failure is defined as a failure of a software when the delivered service is no longer compatible with the specifications. Occurrence of software failure involves many reasons but center team which is brought into concern when a software is failed is the development team of

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