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Makeup Tips and Techniques
By Carol Belanger | Submitted On October 10, 2010

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Expert Author Carol Belanger
Makeup has so much to offer; it can cover imperfections, elongate the face, and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. For those that wear makeup already and need a refresher course or for those that are just beginning to wear makeup, proper application is essential to fully utilize what it has to offer.

There are several factors to consider when using makeup. For instance, understanding the shape of your eyes (close set, wide set, hooded) is essential. As an example, close set eyes can be made to appear further apart with the proper application of eye shadow. Furthermore, understanding your skin tone and skin type is essential when selecting a foundation, blush and lipstick. Far too many times I have purchased cosmetics ignoring my skin type and skin tone and wondered why the product didn 't perform as I expected. For example an oily complexion should consider powder blushes and oil free foundations. Finally, understanding that proper shaping and coloring of the eyebrows is part of the overall look. The eyebrows frame the eyes and do so
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