Article Review - Achieving Organisational Prosperity Through Employee Motivation and Retention: a Comparative Study of Strategic Hrm Practices in Malaysian Institutions

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EPEE 2302:

Question 2 – Article Review

Achieving Organisational Prosperity through Employee Motivation and Retention: A Comparative Study of Strategic HRM Practices in Malaysian Institutions

Author: Yin Teng Chew

This article provides an insight on strategic human resource management (HRM) practices regarding employee motivation of different multinational corporations (MNCs) in Malaysia. Employee retention is one of the hardest aspects of HRM that requires sophisticated framework. In the case of Malaysia, employee retention is a major issue as the labour turnover rate in the past years were quite high. Therefore, the author had done a research to find HRM practices that lead to organizational prosperity in a
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She suggested selective hiring as the best step. Quoting Schneider (1987), the author argues that a fit between the values of an individual and the organization affect the selection and retention of personnel. The study reveals that foreign companies particularly of Western origin often have core-shared values that fit with their employees’. I could not have agreed more with this statement. From my point of view of a future graduate who will be working right upon graduation, selecting a company that upholds values that match my values is the most important factor in job hunting. It is true that interesting salary scheme and all-encompassing fringe benefits are what attract future employees the most. However, in my opinion, it is pointless to work at an organization that pays high salary and flexible perks but the workplace environment is not conducive, stressful and against the intrinsic values of its employees, which can lead to unproductive labour, disloyalty and lower turnouts amongst employees. Therefore, the author is correct in every way by saying the most important thing to do to increase employees’ retention is by linking their values with those of the organization.

The second finding of this study is employees’ willingness to engage in organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB). OCB can be defined as individual
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