Article Review : Reducing Situational Violence

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Article Review I: Reducing Situational Violence in Low-Income Couples Many couples experience IPV. IPV is more prevalent among couples of low economical status therefore it is important to support these types of couples (Cleary & Gottman, 2012). Moreover low-income individuals are more likely to have experienced issues in their own family of origin such as divorce that can impact their current relationships in a negative way, thus the research in this article addresses the needs of these populations (Cleary & Gottman, 2012). Thus the treatment of IPV, creating healthy relationships programs and the impact these programs has on IPV are all discussed in this article. Furthermore in this article review, I will define the main topics, strengths, limitations and clinical applications of the research.
Topic of the Article This article examined low-income situational violence couples when a psycho-educational designed intervention was applied to reduce IPV (Cleary & Gottman, 2012). This research is a quantitative study with an independent variable (therapeutic skills taught: friendship, sex/romance/passion, shared meaning and conflict management skills) and a dependent variable (IPV increase or decrease). It was hypothesized that using therapeutic skills taught to the couples during the interventions would reduce IPV (Cleary & Gottman, 2012). A treatment group and a control group were used to examine 115 couples in which they were randomly assigned to a group. During different

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