Article: The Making Of The Elite Football Coach

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Source Organization Worksheet
Course: COLL100
Instructor: Dr. Karen Sykes
Project Name: Final Research Presentation
Project topic: FOOTBALL COACH
Article Title: The Making of the Elite Football Coach
Article Author: Svensson, R., & O'Regan, N.
Database or Web URL:,5
Date Retrieved (when did you find the article?): July 22, 2017
Source’s Publication Date: 2016
Publishing Information: European Conference on Educational Research, Dublin, Ireland, August 22-26, 2016.
Source Summary: The goal of this article is to show how national football associations have developed their coach education programs to come up with coaches that could manage the elite coach position. …show more content…

Social media is the most effective platform used by coaches to connect with fans, alumni, and new members who want to join the team. The performance of a coach in the field contributes to his or her popularity in social media. Great performance leads to worldwide popularity. Long term success is the major factor that increases the popularity of the coach. Conversely, the number of fans also determines the extent of popularity of the coach.

Article Title: “The Biggest Hire in School History”: Considering the Factors Influencing the Hiring of a Major College Football Coach.
Article Author: Hambrick, M. E., Bass, J. R., & Schaeperkoetter, C. C.
Database or Web URL:,5
Date Retrieved: July 22, 2017
Source’s Publication Date: 2014
Publishing Information: Case Studies in Sport Management, 3(1), 82-92.

Source Summary: There are numerous factors administrators should consider when hiring a coach. Such factors include the overall records, the length of the term of the contract, the cost of hiring the new coach, and the current budget in the organization. Kellison’s (2013) ethical-making procedure framework should be used by administrators to guide them in the process of hiring a coach. The procedure involves identifying, interviewing, and choosing the head coach.

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