As My Third Year Comes To A Close, It’S Time To Evaluate

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As my third year comes to a close, it’s time to evaluate the triumphs and struggles of the last year. Since beginning my employment at HCES, I have been actively pursuing my Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies from Florida State University. I completed my classes prior to the 2016-2017 academic school year and did an internship at TCC after school during the fall helping them refine their program for adult education. I graduated from the program in December of 2016. Being relieved of this stress and also the stress of teaching two content areas, with many of the same students for both, has allowed me to be more invested in my content area, the physical sciences.

I began this year with a clear vision of
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They could easily bookmark it and visit the page anytime. Students were not able to hide due dates, schedules, etc. This proved to be a supporting element for accountability. To my knowledge, and the feedback I’ve received from parents, this has been well received.

STEAM Fair, which is Monday, has proved to be a much better success than the year before. Students had a more clear picture of the expectations and I was able to hold them to a high standard because of that clarity. Most students have a high average this quarter because I required them to resubmit assignments multiple times until I deemed them as “A” worthy. This required more work from me; however, it required the students to push beyond “okay”. I’m happy with the results. I continue to be passionate about teaching and strive to improve my teaching on a daily basis. I enjoyed seeings student morph into independent learners and require less direct instruction as the year progressed. With this age group, large successes are very rare, so I’m happy to take the small victories as they come. Some of those victories are reflective in some of their writings about how the process has contributed to them become better at time-management, staying organized, or some other metacognitive skill.

In addition to my teaching and refining of my curriculum, I’ve studies extensively the non-academic skills students need in order to be successful learners. We spend such a
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