Assessment and Care Planning of the Adult in Hospital Essay

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Assessment and Care Planning of the Adult in Hospital Hospitalisation has a big impact on a person’s life. When dealing with people in hospital health care professions use care planning to make sure that an individual’s needs are met and that there is an on-going personalised plan for the duration of the stay, however long or short this may be (National institute of clinical excellence[NICE], 2010). During this essay I will be following a patient that has been on my clinical placement. I will be discussing the models and theories that underpin nursing in my clinical area. I will be looking more in depth at two needs of my patient and state how we assess these. To abide by the Nursing and midwifery council code of conduct (2008), I will…show more content…
Another problem bought up by Habermann and Ulys was that most problems that were identified in the assessment stage were not cared for as the nurses focused on the priorities. They believe that there is a lack of evidence for the relevance to the patient outcomes. Pearl Gardener (2003) seems to agree with the relevance saying that a patient’s independence was removed as the goals are rarely shared or implemented by the patient, but by the nursing staff. She goes on to state that it needs more adaptability in order to meet patients goals for themselves rather than that of the nurses for the patient. She also believes that there is a high use of trial and error methods as there is not a stated “cure” that works for a problem for every patient. When I discussed the admission booklet with Peter I had to ask questions that involved living circumstances, marital status, social or professional support at home, religion, occupation, relevant past medical history, what facilities his house has and whether things are on the ground floor or upstairs. I had to ask him also if he was aware of the diagnosis, which he was. The next step of the admission booklet is based on activities of daily living. This was a model set up by Nancy Roper, Winifred Logan and Alison Tierney in the 1960’s but has since been adapted. This model
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