Assignment 1 – Introduction to Leadership, Leading a Team Effectively and Motivating to Perform in the Workplace

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Assignment 1 – Introduction to leadership, leading a team effectively and motivating to perform in the workplace Introduction to Leadership There are differences and similarities between management and leadership and there is a need for each of them. A manager can be seen as more of a ‘teller’, someone who will instruct a team what to do, react to change, plan and coordinate. Leaders can be seen as ‘persuaders’, someone who will take responsibility, encourage discussion and input, inspire and motivate the team, encourage staff to create change. Different factors will contribute to the need for all of these styles to be used. If a quick decision is needed then perhaps an instruction will be necessary which will be the style of a manager,…show more content…
If the message is not communicated in the correct way then this can lead individuals not keeping to the task in hand and effectively working away from what is required of them, through no fault of their own. If I am communicating an important company message I will ensure this is done in a timely manner with the team all together, being available to answer any questions or concerns the team may have. If I need to explain a way of completing a task with an individual I would do this on a one to one basis in a situation where I will be able to demonstrate as well as explain to them. When communicating it is essential to have open body language and be actively listening to ensure my team feel comfortable with what I am communicating. If I need to deliver constructive feedback this will be done in an honest and open manner with a full explanation of the effects of the error or mistake and a two way discussion around what can be improved. It is important for the leader to be able to motivate the team and individuals to achieve the necessary tasks. What the leader also needs to ensure is that these individuals and teams are also getting the development opportunities they require and are fulfilling their objectives. The reason this is important is that it can lead to higher productivity, improved work quality and encourage team work. This is essential to ensure the teams and therefore the companies

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