Assignment : Three Self Assessments

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Assignment 2: Three Self-Assessments Shirley A. Allen L7900 Conflict Management Dr. Michael Dillon Argosy University May 20, 2015 Students are required to perform a self-assessment or an assessment relating to another person. These assessments will evaluate values clarification and conflict resolution, the big five assessment, and conflict management styles. Upon completing the assessment an interpretation will be provided to analyze the best outcome for a particular style in managing conflicts. Understanding of your personal skills will be essential as it relates to conflict resolutions. Lack of insight to the way you process conflict issues may influence your choices and effective answers maybe overlook. Therefore, you have to…show more content…
According to Rokeach (1972) values are concerned with conduct and desired end states, Rosenfeld & Wilson (1999). On the other hand conflict is basically a clash of powers that are pushing and pulling, and, therefore, conflict is correlative to power. The consequences of negative conflict can cause low morale, low work attendance, no unity among employees, and abusing of organization policy and procedure. It can also be constructive, and provide to resolutions that lead to improved quality, problem solving, cooperation, and the strengthening of relationships and personal growth (Conflict Resolution; Control Approaches, 2015). The values clarification and conflict resolution self-assessment indicates that my actual behavior and attitude as it relates to idealized and realized is the identical. The highest score seven in number eleven. Number eleven states in resolving conflict I would be prepared to compromise if this would provide a valuable and rapid solution to the disagreement. For this situation in a real or ideal circumstance I would give up “something” if the resolved an effective outcome. The next score was seven for number twelve, and this expressed that I encourage the intent of cooperation. Number one, score was six and explains that I am offer support that would create answers that would benefits everyone involved. Thirteen’s score was also six and conveyed that I would provide expertise to
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