At&T Project Management Center of Excellence Communications Leader Promotes Project Management Leadership

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OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY ANTIPOLO CAMPUS A BUSINESS CASE STUDY AT&T PROJECT MANAGEMENT CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Communications Leader Promotes Project Management Leadership Submitted to: Dr, Marmelo V. Abante - CCS Dept. Head / Project Management Professor - Submitted by: Brioso, John Oliver P. - Student - AT&T PROJECT MANAGEMENT CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Communications Leader Promotes Project Management Leadership INTRODUCTION As a world leader in communication technology, AT&T connects people from all around the globe. Just as consumers and businesses rely on AT&T services to stay connected, AT&T relies on internal resources, in particular project and program managers, to remain a best in-class service provider. BACKGROUND AT&T…show more content…
Within the community, there are various business units all of which have different needs and concentrations. Additionally, not only was the PMCOE tasked to support a large number of AT&T project managers, they had to also understand which services were most important to them. Finally, effective and efficient communication would be a key element for the success of the PMCOE; however with such a sizeable and worldwide PM population, the PMCOE would have to determine how to best share valuable information on a large scale. Without appropriate communication, the PMCOE risked going unrecognized and not being used to its full potential. CRITICAL ASSUMPTIONS AND CONSTRAINTS PROJECT ASSUMPTIONS The following assumptions were made in preparing the Project Plan: • AT&T employees are willing to change business operations to take advantage of the functionality offered by the new mobile technology. • Management will ensure that project team members are available as needed to complete project tasks and objectives. • The Steering Committee will participate in the timely execution of the Project Plan (i.e., timely approval cycles and meeting when required). • Failure to identify changes to draft deliverables within the time specified in the project timeline will result in project delays. • Project team members will adhere to the Communications Plan. • Mid and upper management will
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