Athletic Concessions And Healthy Options

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Athletic Concessions and Healthy Options Tyler Clark, Kaylyn Diffendaffer-Wagoner, Bob McGarvie, Kelsi Pollard and Derek Self Boise State University Abstract Concession stands around the country generally offer only unhealthy foods at sporting events that are quick to serve and have a very low cost to them. Boise State University is an institution that is not exempt from this type of business plan. Research has been done demonstrating the negative effects these foods have on our health and effects of these foods include obesity and lower cognitive functioning. There is an irony that the purpose of sporting events is to cheer on student - athletes (generally in phenomenal health) while spectators are consuming foods that can…show more content…
Popcorn and peanuts were sold inside the theater room. Theater owners generally despised the mess these foods and wrappers created inside their movie theaters and generally tried to keep these foods out altogether. During the Great Depression, however, theater owners realized the potential of making money by selling foods inside their theaters. Popcorn was a huge money-maker, as even those most strapped for cash could afford a cheap bag of popcorn. With the invention of the television, concession sales became even more important. It is estimated that today, concessions bring in approximately 40% of a theaters profits. With this in mind, it is not surprising that virtually all entertainment venues now include some kind of concession offerings. They usually offer the old staples of popcorn and candy, with numerous other options as well. These new offerings, however, seem to be just as unhealthy or even more unhealthy then the popcorn and candy from which concessions originated. When concessions were first operational, in the early 1900s, the negative health effects of consuming foods high in sugar, fat, and calories was unknown. With new information on the damage these foods create to our bodies, it is time for concession operators to consider providing healthy alternatives. Health Concerns of Concession Food Offerings Most of the foods currently sold in concession stands at Taco
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