Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( Adhd ) Essay

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Although many more chronical illnesses are discussed in the DSM-V, one of the most recurrent ones, especially among children, is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD, as it’s commonly known, is among few others, one of the most diagnosed mental disorders in the United States. Moreover, its prevalence is, by a great margin, high among males rather than females, and the usual identification age varies from the time in which children enter preschool to when they reach twelve years’ old (Ronald J. Comer). It is vital that symptoms for such disorder are identified correctly within a short time frame, for ADHD is known for stunting a child’s academic and behavioral development. For a successful ADHD diagnosis, several elements must be present, and prevalent in a child for at least six months. Such include, disorganized thoughts, feelings, or actions, inability to maintain attention, fails to carry out instructions or finish tasks, dislike or avoidance to perform mentally effortful work, excessive talk, constant movement and a recurrent pattern of disobedience, among others. At least six of these symptoms must be shown throughout a continuous period of six months or more in a manner that is maladaptive and beyond that shown by most similarly aged persons. To discuss many of the issues relevant to this disorder, and to further expose the difficulties faced by the parents whom children suffer from this same condition, this interview report displays an extensive Q&A session

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