Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

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Neurodevelopmental Disorders Specifically Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Abby Hull Southern Illinois University Carbondale Neurodevelopmental Disorders Specifically Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder “ADHD: we think more things before breakfast than most people think all day” (“We Think…, 2012). “Neurodevelopmental disorders are a group of disorders in which the development of the central nervous system is disturbed. These disruptions can include developmental brain dysfunction, which can manifest as impaired motor function, impaired learning, impaired language or non-verbal communication” (“Neurodevelopmental disorders,” 2015). A specific type of neurodevelopmental disorder, …show more content…

These children often have trouble concentrating on the task at hand and if the symptoms are severe and persistent enough and if it begins to interfere with functioning or development, the child would meet the criteria for diagnosis of ADHD (Kring, Johnson, Davison, Neale, 2014). Children with ADHD also may have difficulty building friendships and relationships with others due to their aggressive and intrusive behavior although they seem friendly and talkative. Problems usually occur in two or more areas of a person’s life: home, work, school, and social relationships (Psych Central, 2015). The prevalence rates of attention-deficit hyperactive disorder vary between age groups. The textbook states that the consensus on prevalence estimates is that about three to seven percent of school-aged children worldwide currently have ADHD along with two to five percent of adults (Kring et al., 2014). This is also consistent with the findings by the Center for Disease Control where 4.4 million youth between the ages of four to seventeen have been diagnosed with ADHD; using these prevalence rates, it can be estimated that in a classroom of twenty-five to thirty children, at least one of those children will have ADHD (Austin, Staata Reiss, & Burgdorf, 2007). The age of onset of attention-deficit hyperactive disorder has research supporting the theory that it is a physiological condition and is present at birth. With this being said, most patients do not

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